Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary:

Ages 9-Adult

What many refer to as contemporary ballet, Lyrical dance is the most expressive form of dance. A combination of both Jazz and Ballet, Lyrical dance uses the technique and discipline of ballet with the freedom of Jazz.

Modern dance began as a rebellion against Ballet and the rigid rules of society. The founders of Modern dance felt they were connected to the Earth & Land; using basic movement to dance for the joy of dance. Modern dance is practiced in bare feet to maintain the contact with the land and to keep the dance to its purest form. Contemporary dance blends modern & ballet to allow for almost any movement the dancer wishes to explore.  

We have designed a class as a combination of of all 3 disciplines. Yes, we know it sounds a little odd but the fun part is teaching the students new movements. Because ballet begat modern and modern begat lyrical which then begat contemporary; we know all the students will enjoy our creation.

Students must be enrolled in at least one Ballet class in addition to their Lyrical/Modern class.

Students must be 9 by September 1st.

Lyrical image